Video Project Guidelines at EHS

    Guidelines for Video Production at EHS:

    1. All projects will require the submission of a storyboard (script) to the teacher for approval before the actual filming begins. No approved story board, no project, no credit. In addition, changes in the story board after production begins must also be approved by the teacher as they are made.
    2. All projects should adhere to the standards described by a PG rating in professional cinema. (See http://tms.ecol.net/movies/ratings.htm) The following caveats will apply to this standard. Any use of nudity is specifically disallowed. Any use of violence or profanity must be determined to be essential to the purpose of the project and approved by the teacher within the context of the storyboard.
    3. Any use of material subject to copyright will be within the guidelines of “Fair Use for student projects” (See http://www.adec.edu/admin/papers/fair10-17.html for the full text of these guidelines or http://mciu.org/~spjvweb/guidelines.html for a good summary) Teachers should review and summarize these guidelines with students as necessary prior to the start of any project.
    4. Teachers are strongly advised to pre-screen all projects before they are presented in class.
    5. No illegal or unsafe activities will be tolerated as a part of the project or in the production of the project.
    6. No content which is in any way derogatory to individuals or groups of individuals will be tolerated.

    Download file "video-policy-ehs.pdf"


    Donna Griswold
    Mar 21, 2011

    7. A minimum of one week is needed to complete project.

    Donna Griswold
    Mar 21, 2011

    Students must use the same computer for duration of project.

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