Parent access to PowerSchool: 4

    Previous to the 2010-2011 school year parents were issued individual usernames and passwords for each of their children. This made PowerSchool access for parents with multiple enrolled students rather cumbersome.

    The latest update to PowerSchool addresses this issue by asking parents to use the "old" usernames and passwords that were previously issued to create a new account which will provide easy access to all their children's information (even if the students are attending different SAU schools.)

    The process is pretty easy to complete:

    1. Access the Parent Portal at the usual address: http://powerschool.sau16.org (see below) and click on "Create an account." (Your "Old" username and password will not work when you enter them in the User Name and Password fields as they did in the past.)
    2. When you click on "Create Account" you will be taken to the account creation page:

    3. Fill in the various fields for your name, email, your new username and password. When you get to the "Link Students to Account" you will fill in the student name and put the "old" username (Access ID) and password (Access Password) you previously used to access your child's information. Choose the appropriate relationship from the drop-down menu at the end of the line and you are done. Click on "Enter" and you will be taken to a page which will allow access to all your children's information from a central location.
    4. If you only have the access ID and password for one of several children when you create this new account you can add the others later. To do so after you log in, click on the account preferences icon:
    5. This will take you to your preferences page.
    6. To add your additional student(s) just click on the "Students" tab and then the "+" button as indicated in the picture.
    7. You will be presented with a pop-up window where you can add the appropriate information, just as you did when you first set this up.
    8. Once the information has been added, click "Submit" and you are done.


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